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Support for carers

Support for carers
If you care for someone, you may feel you need support.
You can find up to date COVID-19 advice for unpaid carers during the pandemic on the Scottish Government website, covering topics including staying safe, accessing PPE and testing and short breaks. Everyone should follow NHS Inform’s public health advice on how to protect yourselves and others during the pandemic.

The Carers (Scotland) Act

The Carers Act gives all adult and young carers in Scotland rights. The act is designed to listen to carers, make support in different areas more consistent and prevent problems – helping sustain caring relationships and protect carers’ health and wellbeing.

Under the act, every carer has a right to a personalised plan to identify what is important to them. For adult carers this is called an ‘adult carer support plan’ and for young carers (under the age of 18 or 18 and still at school), this is a ‘young carer statement’.

Carers also have the right to support to meet their eligible needs. Local authorities must consider whether that support should include a break from caring.

If you’d like to find out how to get your own plan, you can contact your local council’s social care department or your local carer centre.

See the links below for further information:

Other support available

You may wish to access:

Local organisations are the main source of information and advice. For example, if you care for someone with sight loss and live in Western Scotland, you can get support from RNIB's Need to Talk service.

There are several national organisations that represent carers and provide information, such as:

VOCAL's video below describes the difference support can make.

Contact us for information on support groups in your area.

The information was last updated on: 6th July 2021


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You can contact your local council's social care department for a free assessment. Find their details here.

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