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Equipment and adaptions/telecare What telecare is

What telecare is

What telecare is

Telecare  sometimes called community alarms or warden call systems  uses discreet electronic equipment and sensors around the home to detect risks like fires, floods or falls. It can provide support outside the home too.

If a risk is detected, an alert will be sent to a monitoring centre, and your loved ones will be notified. So you'll get help if and when you need it, and carers are assured they'll be informed of any incidents or emergencies.

It might include equipment like:

  • flood and smoke detectors
  • gas detectors and shut off valves  detects carbon monoxide and natural gas
  • fall detectors  this is a small trigger attached to clothing or a wrist
  • property exit sensors  detects if a person leaves the building at set times, or if a main door has been left open
  • bed/chair occupancy sensors  fits under a mattress/chair/wheelchair and detects if the occupant hasn't returned within a certain time
  • a wristband can be used by carers to monitor those with dementia outside their home, allowing them to be found if they get lost
  • other devices like a bogus caller button, a home alert pager and an epilepsy sensor
Visit the Carers Scotland website to find out more about the types of telecare available.

The information was last updated on: 26th August 2020


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