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Equipment and adaptions/telecare Help making changes to your home

Help making changes to your home

Help making changes to your home

Major adaptations to your home may need advice from an architect or surveyor, and permission from other tenants, like if you share a stair and you want to install an external ramp.

If you're a local council tenant or you rent your home from a registered social landlord like a housing association and your home is assessed as no longer meeting your needs, the local council may fund adaptations for your home.

If you live in private rented accommodation, you can adapt your home. You'll be responsible for arranging and funding the work.

Landlords can't refuse permission or impose conditions without good reason, and are required to make reasonable adjustments for tenants with a disability, like:

  • providing auxiliary equipment and services, like replacing taps and door handles or providing door entry systems
  • changing practices, policies and procedures
  • changing a term of letting
Get advice on making repairs improvements and adaptations to your home through your local Care and Repair service

The information was last updated on: 26th August 2020


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