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Carer centres

Carer centres
Carer centres are independent charities that offer practical support, advice and information for you as carer in your local area either by phone, drop-in or outreach surgeries.

What help can I get at a carer centre?

What can the carer centre do for you? Video transcript (PDF)

Carer centres can provide you with:

  • information and advice on things like benefits, respite and support services, advocacy, support under the Carers Act, aids and adaptions
  • emotional support - you can talk with trained staff, volunteers and other carers who understand your situation
  • community consultation by giving carers a unified voice to have an impact on local, regional and national decision-making
  • activities for yourself including time out from caring, breaks, relaxation therapies, and the opportunity to enjoy your own social life

Your local carer centre may also provide training on subjects like:

  • continence care
  • finding your way around the care system
  • protecting yourself from harm, stress or depression
  • finding time and space for yourself
  • dealing with challenging behaviour
  • planning for the future
  • financial planning

Find a carer centre

Your GP, district nurse, health visitor or social worker can put you in touch with a carer centre. You don't need to be referred  you can just drop in during opening hours.

Carer centres across Scotland include:

Aberdeen City:

Aberdeenshire - Quarriers Aberdeenshire Carer Support Service

Angus - Angus Carers Centre

Argyll and Bute:


Clackmannanshire - Central Carers Centre

Dumfries and Galloway - Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre

Dundee - Dundee Carers Centre

East Ayrshire - East Ayrshire Carers Centre

East Dunbartonshire - Carers Link

East Lothian:

East Renfrewshire - East Renfrewshire Carers Centre


Falkirk - Central Carers Centre






Moray - Quarriers Carer Support Service (Moray)

North Ayrshire - North Ayrshire Carers Centre

North Lanarkshire:

Orkney - Crossroads Caring for Carers

Perth and Kinross - Perth and Kinross Carers Centre

Renfrewshire - Renfrewshire Carers Centre

Shetland - Voluntary Action Shetland

South Ayrshire - South Ayrshire Carers Centre

South Lanarkshire:

Stirling - Stirling Carers Centre

West Dunbartonshire

West Lothian - Carers of West Lothian

Western Isles - Western Isles Young Carers 

The information was last updated on: 8th March 2022


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