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Assessment of your care needs Who's involved

Who's involved

Who's involved

The most important person involved in the assessment is you.

The assessment gives you the chance to talk about your needs and wishes. This information is written down to help prepare your care plan.

The person who carries out the assessment with you may be a:

  • social worker
  • district nurse
  • occupational therapist
  • another care professional

They may be the lead care professional who's involved with your care, but they might work closely with other care professionals in preparing your care plan.

They must ask for your written permission to share specific information with other care professionals. Information is shared to make the best informed assessment possible and to avoid having different professionals asking you the same questions. This is sometimes called a shared assessment.

You can choose to have a friend, relative or advocate present with you during the assessment, even if they're not directly involved in caring for you.

If you get support from an unpaid carer, your carer can also – with your agreement – be involved in your assessment. It's important the carer is clear about the level of support they can offer you. They might be able to meet just some or all of your needs. Some of the carer's needs may also be reflected in your care plan, for example short breaks for your carer. 

Carers are also entitled to a separate carer's assessment of their own needs in caring for you.

The information was last updated on: 25th August 2020


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You can contact your local council's social care department for a free assessment. Find their details here.

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