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What to do if your care home closes

What to do if your care home closes
There may be circumstances where a care home closes. It's important to remember you can get help from your local council's social care department to find a placement in another home.

Councils have a duty of care for all residents in care homes, including those whose care package is not funded by the council. If a care home closes, the council is responsible for the wellbeing of all the residents.

Your rights

You should look at your residency agreement. This should show:

  • your rights in these circumstances
  • the period of notice you're entitled to
  • the responsibility of the managers of the home to help you find another

Once you receive written notice of the intention to close, you should begin to think about choosing a new care home.

Health and Social Care Standards

The Health and Social Care Standards contains a number of statements about what you should expect if your care home can no longer provide for your needs or has to close. For example:

  • If I need or want to move on and start using another service, I will be fully involved in this decision and properly supported throughout this change
  • I receive proper notice and I am involved in finding an alternative if the service I use plans to close or can no longer meet my needs and wishes
  • I have enough time and support to plan any move to a new service

If you feel these aren't being upheld, contact the Care Inspectorate.

Who can help you?

Your local council's social care department will coordinate the arrangements for each resident to find a new home. It will provide advice and practical assistance in finding a place in another care home. This is likely to involve a reassessment or review of your care needs, so the most appropriate placement can be found.

Your local social care department can offer help even if it's not been involved in your care home placement.

Further information

Read COSLA's Good Practice Guidance on the Closure of a Care Home (PDF, 123 KB)

The information was last updated on: 8th September 2020


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