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Care and Repair services

Care and Repair services
Care and Repair services can help carry out repairs, improvements or adaptions in your home if you're older or disabled.

They can give you guidance on:

  • deciding what work is needed
  • choosing reliable tradesmen
  • paying for the work
  • overseeing the work

The service is available to owner-occupiers, private tenants and crofters aged 60 or over or who have a disability.

What it includes

The Care and Repair services that are available will depend on where you live.

They might include:

  • Care and Repair staff visiting you at home
  • advice on repairs, improvements and adaptations
  • recommendations of local tradesmen from an approved contractor list
  • help getting competitive estimates for work
  • help getting surveys and drawings
  • help to organise building work
  • advice and support during building work, like dealing with your contractor
  • help with disruption to your home, like alternative accommodation
  • inspections of work carried out
  • small repairs like fitting handrails or putting up shelves
  • handyperson services like replacing light bulbs or unblocking sinks

What it costs

Charges depend on the task involved. For example, you'll be charged for the cost of materials when using a handyperson service.

Care and Repair staff can give you advice on:

  • budgeting for repair work
  • help with funding, like grants from local councils
  • benefits
  • equity release
  • home loans
  • charitable funds
To apply, contact your local Care and Repair service

The information was last updated on: 26th August 2020


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