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National Care Standards

National Care Standards
Everyone is entitled to safe, high-quality, compassionate care. Different care services offer different types of support, but they all need to meet the National Care Standards, set by the Scottish Government.

Principles of the National Care Standards

The standards describe what people can expect from different services and are based on 6 main principles:

  • dignity
  • privacy
  • choice
  • safety
  • realising potential
  • equality and diversity
Read more about the standards at the Care Inspectorate website.

Care services covered by the standards

The following standards may apply to the services you use:

Care Inspectorate

When the Care Inspectorate inspects care services, it checks to make sure the right standards are being met and can take action if this isn't happening.

Changes to the standards

The Scottish Government has published a consultation on new National Health and Care Standards that would apply across health and social care. The Scottish Government is proposing to base these around people's human rights.

Find out more about the review of the standards at the National Care Standards Review website.

Further information

Phone the Care Inspectorate on 0345 600 9527. This should cost the same price as calling a local number from a mobile or landline.

Read the Scottish Government's National Care Standards.

The information was last updated on: 24th May 2017


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