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Legislation protecting people in care Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

This Bill attempts to ensure better and more consistent support for adult and young carers, so they can continue to care - if they wish to do so - in better health, and to have a life alongside caring.

This is to be done by building on existing rights of carers and young carers. The Bill will make an adult carer support plan available to all adult carers. Similarly, a young carer statement will be made available to all young carers.

These plans will help identify the needs of each carer, and the help and support they're entitled to. Carers will be able get support from their local council, if their needs meet the local eligibility criteria.

It won't be law until it's gone through these stages with the Scottish Parliament:

  • stage 1 - more evidence is gathered by MSPs and discussed with stakeholders, including carers groups. The Bill is debated by the Scottish Parliament.
  • stage 2 - both the Scottish Government and MSPs have the opportunity to make amendments to the Bill. Carers groups can talk with MSPs to make amendments.
  • stage 3 - the Bill is further considered by MSPs and is debated by the Scottish Parliament. If approved by the Scottish Parliament, it goes on to be signed by the Queen and receive Royal Assent to be made law in Scotland.

The Bill is expected to be passed and enacted (made law) before the end of the current Parliamentary session in March 2016. Once enacted, it's usual for there to be a period before the Bill proposals are implemented. This is to allow time for the Scottish Government to consult on guidance and regulations to support the new law.

This time is also used by the relevant authorities to understand the new law fully and ensure resources are in place to meet any duties required of them. For the Carers Bill, implementation is expected to start about one year from enactment of the Bill - by spring 2017.

This should mean that, if the Bill becomes law, it should further extend the rights of adult and young carers.

Find out more from the Scottish Government on the latest developments regarding the Carers (Scotland) Bill.
Find out more from the Scottish Parliament about Understanding the legislative process.

The information was last updated on: 31st January 2018


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