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Young carers and young adult carers

Young carers and young adult carers


If you're under 18 and looking after a family member, you're a young carer. You'll probably be doing jobs around the house that an adult would normally do. You might be giving your relative emotional support too.

If you're between 18 and 25 and looking after a relative, you're a young adult carer.

What's it like to be a young carer? Video transcript (PDF)

Caring for yourself while being a young carer

It's a lot of responsibility caring for someone. You also need to have time for yourself outside school, to see your friends, and to enjoy your interests and hobbies. You also need support from others to help you.

You shouldn't be doing a caring role that makes you:

  • feel sad or worried
  • miss school or college
  • stops you spending time with your friends
  • stops you from getting or keeping a job

BBC Scotland L.A.B. made a short video, Things you should know about young carers, with some young people from the Carers Trust to find out about what being a young carer involves.

The information was last updated on: 26th August 2020


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